The Two Adjectives “AND TEST”

You will SOMETIMES use a comma in between two or more adjectives that come before a noun. It’s that “sometimes” that makes you nervous, right? How are you supposed to know when you need a comma between two adjectives and when you don’t?

That’s where the “AND TEST” comes in! The “AND TEST” works like this:

If it sounds very natural to put the word “AND” in between the adjectives in your sentence, you need a comma. But, if using “AND” sounds funny at all, forget the comma.

For example “That is a lovely soft fuzzy sweater.”
( … a lovely AND soft sweater? … sounds good — it gets a comma)
( … a soft AND fuzzy sweater? … sounds good — it gets a comma)
Therefore, the sentence should be: “That is a lovely, soft, fuzzy sweater.”

For example, “I saw a little old man.”
( … a little AND old man? … sounds funnyforget the comma)
Therefore, It should be: “I saw a little old man.”

Use the “AND TEST” to determine if a comma is needed between two adjectives.
Sounds GOOD = GETS a comma.
Sounds FUNNY = FORGET the comma

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