Writing Decades

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There are two correct ways and two incorrect ways to express decades in writing. If you are going to write out the full decade using numbers, you should place an “s” after the numerals. For instance, you would write “the 1980s,” or “the 1850s.” You should not place an “apostrophe -s” after the decade. Apostrophes […]

When to use THAT or WHICH

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The basic rule is to use THAT before a restrictive clause and WHICH before everything else. But what does that even mean? Here’s the breakdown: THAT: a restrictive clause A restrictive clause is a part of a sentence that you CANNOT remove because it specifically “restricts” some other part of the sentence. Here’s an example: […]


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COMPLEMENT can be both a noun and a verb. They refer to something that goes well with something else (i.e., “completes it”). The adjective form is “complementary.” For example, “This cheese COMPLEMENTS the red wine nicely.”For example, “The silk scarf is a nice COMPLEMENT to her dress.” COMPLIMENT can also be a noun and verb. […]