COMPLEMENT can be both a noun and a verb. They refer to something that goes well with something else (i.e., “completes it”). The adjective form is “complementary.”

For example, “This cheese COMPLEMENTS the red wine nicely.”
For example, “The silk scarf is a nice COMPLEMENT to her dress.”

COMPLIMENT can also be a noun and verb. They refer to a praise or flattering remark. The adjective form is “complimentary.” Note: “Complimentary” also describes something that is offered freely.

For example, “I appreciated all the COMPLIMENTS I got on my layered haircut.”
For example, “She COMPLIMENTED him on his new suit.”
For example, “Enjoy this COMPLIMENTARY pack of airplane peanuts.”

It can be difficult to remember which of these two words to use in writing because they sound the same and are nearly spelled the same.

Tip: Remember that a COMPLEment COMPLETEs something, and both COMPLEMENT and COMPLETE are spelled with an E.

Remember the phrase “I” like to receive COMPLIMENTS to remind you that that “compliment” has an I in it.

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